Project Description

High voltage DC connections will play an important role in a North Sea Transnational Grid. Therefore, North Sea Transnational Grid configurations with multi-terminal DC connections will be developed which integrate different AC and DC technologies. Technical and economic aspects of different Transnational Grid concepts will be evaluated. Control strategies of the North Sea Transnational Grid, a combination of wind farm and converter control, will be developed. This requires load flow as well as dynamic calculations and testing of multi-terminal converter control on a grid simulator. To determine the effect on the national grids, power flows will be studied, taking priorisation of wind, unit commitment and economic dispatch into account. Grid stability will be investigated focussing on two main aspects: rotor angle stability and voltage stability. Costs and benefits related to the realisation of the North Sea Transnational Grid will be quantified, regulation and policy aspects that influence the success of a North Sea Transnational Grid will be investigated.

The NSTG project started October 1, 2009 and the duration is 4 years.